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After much consideration and continuous monitoring of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the U.S. Chamber has decided to cancel 2021 Winter Institute. While we were looking forward to returning to the classroom for sessions and networking, the inherent risk and uncertainty is still too great at this stage of the pandemic. Read the full statement here.


Justin Patton

Why I teach at IOM: It is an honor to work with chamber and association leaders across the country. They make such a difference in their communities and I am humbled that I get to be a small piece of their magnificent journey. Many of these leaders have become friends and mentors over the years. I’ve enjoyed the laughs, the opportunities, and the kick in the butt when I needed to be challenged. I have grown both personally and professionally from having an IOM network. I stated in my book, Bold New You, that “It is in the vulnerable space of a tribe that you trust that you will exponentially accelerate your awareness and growth.” That tribe for me has been my IOM family and I am grateful.

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