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After much consideration and continuous monitoring of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Institute team has decided to cancel 2020 Summer Institute sites Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast. While we were looking forward to the onsite sessions and instruction, the inherent risk is too great at this stage of the pandemic. Read the full statement here.


Michelle Lefebvre, M.A.C., CPC

Why I teach at IOM: “I teach at IOM because participants are striving to stretch themselves, to reach outside their comfort zone and even question conventional practices to seek out better ways to build strong professional relationships; expand their leadership aptitude; and most importantly, because they want to be there.

It’s a joy working alongside those who are committed to their personal growth and are open to the possibilities of being remarkable.  As a result, there is a particular kind of energy that motivates me to give my all to each and every minute of each and every course I teach.  I enjoy the thought-provoking give-and-take; the relationships that are built; the best practices that are created.  There’s nothing like being a part of the magic at IOM.”

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